Alleppey Tour Packages

Visit the Venice of the East

One of the most popular districts that are located in Kerala is the Alleppey district where tourists can really indulge in the beauty that the state of Kerala has to present to tourists. By visiting this district you will see why Kerala has been named one of the top tourist attractions in the entire world. From massive backwaters, to beautiful lagoons, picturesque lakes, canals with palms on the banks, spectacular views and presence of fishermen villages, Alleppey is a district that you should definitely visit if you are planning to go to Kerala anytime soon. The best way to go about travelling through this district is to opt for Alleppey tour packages if you wish to make the most of your trip.

There is such a vast system of canals throughout this district that is has been named the “East’s Venice”. The most popular means of transportation through these canal systems is via houseboats that are large boats with the most modern and popular tourist luxuries now present. So take a trip on one of the houseboats, sip champagne as you see the sunset on these beautiful canals, behind the palm trees. What an exotic view!

You can also enjoy the annual boat race that takes place in this district in the month of August. Indulge in the most beautiful and scenic races present on the earth. You can also take a tour to the various fishermen villages present as they are in abundance and take a look into the lives of the inhabitants of the area through Alleppey backwater tours.

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