Kerala Homestay

Travelers are mainly come here for relaxation and to know about Kerala traditions and culture. Homestays in Kerala not only provide food, accommodation and unique opportunity for all kinds of travelers to gain firsthand experience about Kerala, about Kerala culture, people, traditions, festival, people etc. It is unlike staying in a hotel and truly a home away from home. Many of these home stays are in villages so that the customers get more advantage to interact with the villagers. The place is calm and peaceful and it is a good place for relaxation. Kerala homestays is very much suited for travellers of all types tourists, business travellers, students and writers. Interaction between the locals gives you more knowledge about Kerala culture and living style. In these types of areas homestays are better for the travellers.

In Kerala homestay, bed and breakfast one gets chance to interact with the host family as one is staying in their house. It is far more economical and exciting than staying in hotels. Experience the hospitality of the host family and the unique feeling imparted while staying in a home and interacting with people of a different culture. The cross section represented here are carefully chosen and recognized home stays that will go the extra leg to make your trip a pleasant memorable experience. There are so many exclusive heritage homestays in Kerala. Almost all homestays in Kerala are in the midst of coconut palms. Homestays in Kerala offer a place to relax and dream in with loving care and delicious Kerala food.

When we comparing with the facilities of star hotels home stay is nothing in front of them. Providing a natural and friendly atmosphere is the area where home stay shows much better service than star hotels. Home stays in Kerala also provide you knowledge about Kerala traditional parts like Kerala dances, Kerala martial arts like “kalaripayattu" and Ayurveda treatment.

Most travelers prefer homes to stay and start their journey through Kerala's culture. In other words it means these persons, are stay away from home and stay away from there relatives friends, Here the home stay provide homely atmosphere, homely speech, homely interaction with other customers, all in all they will become a part of that home.

You can find home stays in different locations of Kerala. According to your choice you can select Beach Homestays, Backwater Homestays, Kochi (Cochin) homestays, Munnar (Hill station) homestays, Farm House homestays, homestays in Heritage Villas, Estate and Plantation Bungalows, Forest Lodges or in Wilderness Getaways.

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