Kerala Tree Houses

Kerala tree houses besides the beaches, backwaters, wildlife and hill stations are now capturing the fascination of both inland and foreign tourists to this land. These tree houses are usually made above a top of 50 feet or more tall trees.  Tree houses here are made from eco friendly raw materials like bamboo, hay, tree trunks, coir made from coconut fiber etc. All the tree houses in Kerala are equipped with the modern features like beds, bathrooms with flushable toilets, washbasins with running water and shower. There is also a sit-outs or carpeted balconies where you can sit and relish the beauty of the surroundings in the lap of nature. Tree houses of Kerala are a part of efforts to promote eco tourism in the state. It will be an amusing stay on the laps of nature and it will be a rejuvenating experience.

Kerala Tree houses are basically modified versions of Erumadam, which were usually used by tribal people securing themselves from wild animals and people guarding their crops from being destroyed by elephants, sloth bears and such wild animals. The Tree houses in Kerala are usually placed in the rain forests surrounded by the plantations of tea, coffee, cardamom and pepper. Indigenous techniques, skills and expertise of local tribal craftsmen are used for the construction and maintenance of these tree houses.

Food is prepared from fruits and vegetables grown in the organic farm without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The energy for electricity and other modern amenities is produced using a unique combination of solar energy and "gobar gas" (energy from processed cow dung). This prevents air pollution and noise pollution, thus keeping the environment clean and noise free. A uniquely built crane is used to transport people onto the tree houses. Some tree houses also have a hanging bridge to reach the ground.

Tree houses add value to naturally pristine environments. These unique tree houses in Kerala are an ideal way to break off from the bustling city life with TV, computers, electrical, electronic items etc and surrender to nature.