Kerala Ecotourism

Kerala is one of the green destinations in India. Ecotourism is a fast developing sector in Kerala. Kerala is the first state planned ecotourism in India to cater to the Eco-tourist and nature lovers. Ecotourism means development of tourism sector without causing harm to the natural resources and saving the non-renewable resources for the posterity. Eco tourism is a concept that has been promoted for preventing the environment around us and preserving its resources. Apart from providing a pleasant visit to tourists who wish to take a breath from the hasty city life and enjoy in midst of greenery, it also safeguard the environment from getting ruined.

Ecotourism in Kerala has taken off in a big way because Kerala has many destinations known for their natural beauty and exquisite landscapes which are not only relaxing but also refreshing. The ecological balance of Kerala is delicately being preserved and promoted by the Government. Explore Kerala ecotourism and ecotourism destinations in Kerala. Kerala ecotourism destinations found in Kerala give visitors the opportunity to experience what gentle nature is all about. Not only is there fantastic wildlife and bird sanctuaries to experience in Kerala, but this ecotourism destination also provides ample scope for rock climbing adventures, traveling down bird watching trails and also trying mountain biking while living in the tree houses and also getting to experience the thrill of the forest life complete with its wildlife.

The wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala are popular ecotourism destinations. There are several destinations in Kerala known for their natural beauty and ecotourism. Thenmala, Periyar, Eravikulam, Parambikulam, Neyyar, Aralam, Thommankuthu, Mankayam, Konni, Peppara, Arippa, Shenduruney, Gavi, Rhodovalley and Chimmini wildlife sanctuaries are popular destinations for ecotourism in Kerala.

Kerala Ecotourism Destinations